Semantria applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content.

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Derive actionable insight from unstructured content

  • Spot trends before they happen
  • Big Data: analyze millions of documents daily
  • Deep learning categorization engine
Pretty amazing. Once I had my data in Excel, I could run queries and had results back in seconds. What is particularly convenient for me is that the analytics are produced directly within Excel.
- Dr. Andrew Lumpe, Seattle Pacific University's School of Education
The Semantria API service returns a sentiment score with an out of the box precision rate of about 65-70%, without any model training
- Philip Scuderi, Stanford Center for Professional Development
We use Semantria, in combination with survey results from our clients rating our products and services, to better understand what our customers think about our business
- Nathan M., Market Research Analyst
The huge benefit of Semantria is it captures the richness of comments and provides us with qualitative, actionable data.

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