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  • Libraries for C++, JAVA, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby & JS

Text and Sentiment Analysis in the cloud

Semantria is a highly customizable, enterprise-class RESTful API.

Feature Rich, 10+ languages available

Semantria is built upon leading enterprise Text and Analytics technologies. Our clients benefit from years of R&D, field testing and algorithmic tweaking.

English • French • Portuguese • Spanish • German
Mandarin • Italian • Korean • Japanese • Dutch
Arabic • Russian • Swedish • Danish • Norwegian
Malay • Indonesian • Singlish • Turkish

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The Semantria API is designed with performance in mind.

Regularly submerged with millions of calls, the Semantria Cloud is well monitored and scales automatically to take the huge number of requests our clients throw at it!

Distributed & Scalable

Our API is designed to support every possible integration scenario. You can easily integrate with enterprise systems, develop server-side apps or call directly from clients running on desktops and mobiles.

Highly Customizable

What really sets Semantria apart from other enterprise and cloud NLP engines is configurability.

Semantria has more features than any other cloud API. We would know, we've checked. Categorization and Entity Extraction can easily be trained to match industry-specific vocabularies. Every aspect of Sentiment Analysis can be tweaked until the scores match your needs.

Comprehensive SDK

We provide and maintain a SDK with libraries in C++, JAVA, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby & JavaScript. The libraries expose all the features of the API, and contain guides for implementation best practices.

They're a great starting point for Trial users that want to start sending content to the API quickly. Head over to the Dev Portal to get started!

Human Support Team

At Semantria, we maintain an open dialog with our customers. You'll always find a semantrian to chat with if you have problems.

In fact, one of our team's SnapEngage chat windows probably popped up while you were reading this.


Automate content extraction with Diffbot!

Diffbot turns the web into an on-demand database, extracting structured data from nearly any site. All Diffbot APIs are natively integrated with Semantria to offer realtime semantic analysis.

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