Semantria for Excel

Finally, a simple tool for the Analytics Community.

Semantria is the only Text and Sentiment Analysis solution for Excel.
It turns it into a powerful and easy-to-use tool for monitoring and visualizing Twitter, Facebook, surveys and other unstructured data.

Entity Extraction

Automatically extracts people, places, companies, brands, and job titles from your content. Users can create custom entities as well, and each extracted entity comes with a sentiment score.


Unlike traditional NLP-based categorization, our categorization engine requires no training. This makes it easy for you to categorize your content with your own taxonomy.

Sentiment Analysis

Identifies what is positive, negative or neutral in your content, and uncovers what your clients say about your brand, products and customer experience. Learn more about Sentiment Analysis.


Fully Featured:
English • French • Portuguese
Spanish • German • Dutch • Italian
Mandarin • Japanese • Korean
Limited functionality:
Arabic • Russian • Swedish • Danish • Norwegian
Paid add-ons through partners:
Malay • Indonesian • Singlish • Turkish


Semantria's Discovery mode builds clusters of metadata from multiple documents. The clusters are created using categories, entities, themes, sentiment, and combined to give you a bird's eye view of your content.


Use the Excel visualization tools you're already familiar with to create rich charts and graphs.

Pretty amazing. Once I had my blog texts in Excel, I ran Semantria queries and had results back in seconds. What is particularly convenient is that all of these analytics are produced directly within Microsoft Excel.

Easy to customize & fine tune

Every feature in Semantria for Excel is customizable. Tag content with your own taxonomy, or write boolean queries to find exactly what you need in your content. You can even tweak sentiment scores for every single word.

We also have a special Social Media content switch that improves the engines results for short sentences (we call it Twitter mode).

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Our unique Concept Matrix allows you to build your own taxonomy and train Semantria to use it quickly and efficiently, without the need of an expert staff or costly professional services.

Our engine learned by reading and analyzing Wikipedia's 4,5 million articles. Give it a few examples for a given category and it will catch everything else!

Want to know more about our technology?
Check out the detailed documentation for the full story.

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